About Us

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Nothing gives us greater pleasure than making our customers happy and supporting our local communities.

Brandon and I married in 1999 just shortly after high school. We decided to plant our feet and raise our two boys in the Harrison area. After being a nurse for nearly 20 years in the Operating Room, I had hit my burnout point. Covid hit and the operating room was limited to emergency procedures only. Being that I was only working a day a week, I gave up my hours for those who were single parents. Once I was called back to full-time status, I decided I was finished working as a nurse. That’s when we decided to open a mattress shop. I know about sleep as a nurse and how it is crucial to human life. The rest is history….

Meet our Family

In February of 2021, we took on the challenge and opened by appointment only, not sure how things would turn out. Starting small and scared, we unloaded the first truck and began the journey. In our first year, we were awarded the 2021 Greater Harrison Chamber of Commerce Corporate Community Excellence Award for our work with the community. Toward the end of 2022 the schedule was full and time was a valuable resource that I was no longer in control of. That’s when we decided to re-brand and have open hours. We still carry the low cost options that the community has come to love us for, while also adding the best in sleep technology and premium products. Best decision ever!
2023 was a year of change and growth. We were able to make great strides in curating the best selection of high quality sleep sets for the Harrison Community. We were proudly awwarded the 2023 Emerging Business of the Year award by The Greater Harrison Chamber of Commerce. We are here to provide solutions! We listen to you and care about what keeps you from getting the rest you need and deserve. My nursing experience is put to work daily! We are still looking to expand and better serve the Harrison and surrounding area residents. We are also working to give back! We are grateful for the support of the local community and want to help with variuos programs that we are working to develop and grow to give back the blessings that we have received. Our goal is to help the community sleep better, and wake up happier.
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