Eastman House


Over 100 Years of Successful Innovation

Today, the leadership of Eastman House continues the tradition created by the company’s founders. It takes time to make a great mattress. We would rather slow down and get it right than speed up to get it out the door. Meeting the expectations of today’s customers requires the right combination of old-world craftsmanship and premium, sustainable materials, cutting-edge technology, and precision engineering.

Onyx Mattress

The Onyx Eastmon House Pillow Top Mattress exemplifies luxury with its “Tack & Tuft” hand-tufted construction, ensuring superior strength and durability. This mattress features a contouring 4” pocketed coil unit with a 744 queen coil count and is supported by a heavy gauge 528 Bonnell innerspring with a comprehensive 360˚ perimeter rail support system. For ultimate comfort, it incorporates HD soft gel-infused memory foam and a gel swirl lumbar support layer, complemented by Quilt-Flex high-density foams for a soft, supportive sleep experience.

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